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LongView Celebrates Over 20 Years of Shareholder Activism!

Good corporate governance is crucial to shareholder value and corporate viability. LongView has blazed a trail in shareholder activism since its inception in 1992, and over 20 years later, is still providing a voice for governance best practices that is heard at annual shareholder meetings, in the corporate boardroom, and within public discourse.

As a leader among institutional investors, we pursue a wide variety of issues and file a select number of shareholder resolutions each year. Among our recent initiatives, we have worked to:

  • Strengthen the accountability of Boards of Directors through strong majority-vote election standards and fully independent key board committees.
  • Promote linking executive compensation to firm performance.
  • Scrutinize accounting practices, recognizing that the very foundation of capital markets is corrupted when investors cannot trust corporate financial statements.
  • Protect workers and shareholders from the impact of highly-leveraged and speculative takeovers, which can have negative effects, including unnecessary job loss.
  • Internalize social responsibility into corporate governance by requiring companies to routinely examine their labor standards and practices, equal opportunity, human rights, and environmental issues.

In the past year, more companies than ever responded to LongView shareholder proposals by instituting reforms. For more information about recent shareholder initiatives, please see the following reports.


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