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Asset Management Overview

The AB Institutional Asset Management Group understands the unique dynamics of managing jointly-administered trust funds. We believe the key to our successful investment management business is a clear understanding of the objectives and guidelines defined by the investment committees or the boards of trustees of the plans whose assets we manage. Our staff is committed to fostering strong client relationships by providing the ongoing performance, communication and integrity that form the foundation of a successful partnership.

Over the years, Amalgamated Bank has developed an experienced team of investment professionals and a comprehensive sub-advisory alliance with some of the country's largest, most successful institutional investors.

Whether investing in stocks, bonds or alternative strategies, Amalgamated approaches each investment with a disciplined, risk-averse style. Over the long-term, we believe core stock and bond investments consistently offer tax-exempt investors the best opportunity for capital appreciation, income growth and a hedge against inflation.

With respect to alternative investing, we believe it is possible to exercise sound investment judgment to achieve competitive risk-adjusted rates of return and also create value for employers and workers. The Bank will continue to develop appropriate financing mechanisms that provide investment results above and beyond traditional methods.

The cornerstone of the Bank's investment process is the use of quantitative portfolio management models and analytical tools to consistently meet client objectives. Broad diversification across appropriate asset classes and industry sectors, combined with the implementation of both active and passive portfolio management approaches, assist in reducing overall portfolio risk.

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