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volume 6 ••• Winter 2010

Amalgamated Bank Uses New Technology to Provide Customers with Instant Issue ATM and Debit Cards

Thanks to Instant Issue, Amalgamated Bank customers can now obtain an ATM or Debit Card on the spot when they open a new account.

Now, when new customers visit a branch to open a checking account, they leave with a new instant issue Amalgamated Bank ATM or Debit MasterCard card that enables them to conduct ATM transactions and store purchases right away. Before this convenient new service was introduced, customers usually had to wait five to seven days before receiving their new card with a personal identification number.

“We have completed testing the technology that has been installed to issue cards in each branch,” said Amalgamated Bank’s Sonia Marandola, the project manager for this initiative.

The account number on the new cards is unembossed, which means the raised numbers have been replaced by digits that are simply printed on the card. The technology was developed by Dynamic Card Solutions, which is known as the leading innovator in card management systems. The firm is working closely with Amalgamated to efficiently and securely provide the instant issue cards.

Amalgamated Bank’s Debit MasterCard card can be used at any retailer or ATM that accepts MasterCard. In addition to Amalgamated Bank ATMs, customers also enjoy totally free access to over 37,000 Allpoint Network ATM machines in the New York area and nationwide as well as the United Kingdom and Puerto Rico.