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volume 9 ••• Winter 2011

Online Banking Safety Tips


Amalgamated Bank is committed to keeping your online information safe and secure. We are continually making investments in the security of our online banking platforms to ensure we protect the account information of every customer. Online security, however, is part of a mutual responsibility. To ensure that your account information is properly protected, we recommend you take the following steps:

  • Maintain up-to-date operating system security patches and install updated virus/spyware protection software. Viruses and spyware can leave your computer vulnerable to attack and intrusion. Anti-virus and anti-spyware software will help to keep your computer safe from malicious software seeking to install itself.
  • Closely guard the confidentiality of your Internet banking authentication credentials.
  • Monitor your account activity daily via your Internet banking account transaction history review.
  • Review and monitor your checking account, debit card, and credit card statements for unauthorized transactions.
  • Refrain from opening unsolicited email and attachments.
  • Do not provide authentication credentials to callers claiming to be representing a financial institution or respond to emails requesting information or re-directing you to a purported financial institution website.
  • Prior to disposal, shred or destroy all confidential information on hardcopy or on electronic media.
  • Contact Amalgamated Bank to confirm the legitimacy of any e-mail that asks for the submission of personal or bank account information.
  • Make sure websites are secure when submitting financial information online. Check for padlocks or key icons at the bottom of your Internet browser. Most secure Web addresses also use "https."
  • If you receive a suspicious email purportedly from Amalgamated Bank, please call an Amalgamated Bank support representative at 866-542-8788 immediately. For further information please visit Amalgamated Bank’s Security Center.