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At Amalgamated Investment Services, we know that the savings and investment choices that you make today will impact your financial future. Traditional bank savings products offer the security of FDIC insurance, but they may not always provide the growth, income, or favorable tax treatment you need to achieve your goals. We know that many bank customers want to supplement their savings plans with investment alternatives. At Amalgamated Investment Services, we want to help you meet those needs.


We'll Help You Make Informed Decisions

There are thousands of investment options available, each offering a different combination of risk and return. Trained to assess your unique situation and help you understand all the implications of your decision, our representative will point you toward investments with objectives that reflect your financial goals.


We'll Be Here for You When You Have Questions or Concerns

We know that successful investing is a long-term process, so we won't disappear after you invest your money. We're located right here in your branch office, and we want to continue to serve you over the life of your investment. As your financial situation changes, your Investment Representative will be available to help you review your portfolio and suggest areas that may need adjustments.


We Favor Quality and Have a Conservative Bias

Through Essex National Securities, Inc. and Essex of the Pacific Insurance Agency, Inc., we make available a range of investment options that reflect our conservative philosophy. We believe in a long-term strategy that strives to balance risk and return by using a diversified portfolio. We focus on quality so that you can invest with confidence.


Products and Services

A wide variety of investment products and services are available including:

Mutual Funds

Provides the investor potential for long-term growth, professional money management, and diversification opportunities for their investment dollars. Our investment professionals have access to some of the industry's most recognized mutual fund families.


Life Insurance for the Living - Investment professionals offer a variety of annuities:

  • Tax Sheltered Annuities: a tax qualified plan offered to employees of non profit organizations and employees of public school systems.
  • Variable Annuity: this tax deferred annuity allows you to take advantage of competitive interest rates through market exposure
  • Fixed Annuity: this tax deferred annuity allows you to safely take advantage of competitive fixed interest rates


Investment professionals can place stocks, bond and treasury bill orders. All domestic stock exchange orders are available to our clients. Employee stock options can be processed.

Money Market Instruments

Money Market Funds invest in short-term instruments like Treasury Bills or Certificates of Deposits and are considered low risk and useful for short-term investing. These are flexible and you can draw checks straight from your account.


IFS, through ENSI, offers a broad range of bonds to meet your income needs. We offer Treasuries, Federal Agencies, corporate, municipal, and mortgage backed.


Insurance can provide financial protection for your family or business. Types of insurance: term, whole life, wealth transfer, and long term care.

College Savings Plans

College Savings Plans can be used to pay tuition, fees, room and board, books and required supplies at accredited colleges, universities and vocational schools across the country

Retirement Plans (Retirement Income Planning)

Investment professionals offer various IRAs - Simple, ROTH, Traditional, rollovers, transfers and SEP (Simplified Employee Pension Plans)


Would You Like an Appointment?

It's easy to arrange for your confidential financial review. Simply call the investment representative listed below:

Anthony Pagano 917-608-9242


Products and services are offered through Essex National Securities, Inc., member FINRA/SIPC and Essex of the Pacific Insurance Agency, Inc., (CA Agency License #0D34067), which are not affiliated with this financial institution.

Not Guaranteed By the Bank Not FDIC Insured Not a Deposit
Not Insured by Any Federal Government Agency May Lose Value Including Loss of Principal


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