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Deposit Rates

Effective March 14, 2013

The interest rates and Annual Percentage Yield (APY) on NOW, Money Market, Savings, USAVE Time Dep., & IRAs will be as follows:

Quoted rates are subject to change without notification. Rates may vary by region.

The following rates are effective for our New York branches.

Maximum deposit for all USAVE Time Deposits is $100,000.00. 

The mandatory minimum early withdrawal penalty will be applied as follows:
- For time deposits with maturity of 1 year or less, one month's interest - whether earned or not.
- For time deposits with maturity of more than 1 year, three month's interest - whether earned or not.

The penalty for early withdrawal for time deposits of 7 - 31 days will be as follows:
- One-half of all the interest that could have been earned from issue date to date of maturity.

We will invade principal if necessary to meet these penalties.

The Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is based on the assumption that each type of deposit is renewed at the minimum length of its term and the interest remains on deposit for the full year.


*These are variable rate accounts. The rates may change after the accounts are opened.
***Fees may reduce earnings.

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