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Rate Bump Certificate of Deposit

What are the Benefits to You?

  • No need to worry about rates going up, you may change the rate on your Rate Bump CD once before maturity1
  • Low $500 minimum deposit requirement ($99,000 maximum deposit)
  • Interest is compounded on a daily basis and credited on a monthly basis
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Interest posted to the account can be withdrawn penalty-free or transferred to another Amalgamated account
  • Renewable
    • Customer is given ten calendar day grace period to make changes to their CD
    • If no changes are made, the entire balance in the CD will automatically renew at the prevailing rate of interest and at bank's option a different term.
  • FDIC insured

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1 You may change the rate on your Rate Bump CD once before maturity. The rate change you select must be a rate that Amalgamated is offering for a Rate Bump CD of identical term. Rates offered on all CDs are within the Bank’s discretion. If you exercise this option, your interest rate and annual percentage yield will change.

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