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Power to the People

Your Money. Your Way.

You work hard for your money. We don’t just get it—
We Respect It.

The MoneyCard from Amalgamated Bank gives you the financial freedom you deserve. Just load it with funds and pay your bills, shop, or withdraw cash. Then reload it again. Enjoy the convenience of a debit card and the ease of cash without the fear of theft, loss, debt, or fraud. No more check cashing hassles, long lines, or huge finance and late charge fees. And with less fees, you get to hold on to more of your money. Learn more about the features or Get your card now!

Direct Deposit your paycheck to MoneyCard
Direct Deposit Your Paycheck to MoneyCard
Pay Bills anywhere MasterCard  is accepted
Use at any retailer or online store—anywhere Mastercard ® is accepted
Easily Get cash  from any ATM
Easily Get Cash
From Any ATM
The MoneyCard is so much SAFER than carrying around cash

Your Money. Your Way.

Enjoy the power and convenience of the
Amalgamated Bank MoneyCard. You Earned It.

NO minimum balances
NO credit check necessary
NO check cashing or money order fees
NO checking account required
NO late fees or overdraft fees
Use it wherever MasterCard ® is accepted
Direct deposit your paycheck or government check
Deposit cash at any one of our conveniently located Amalgamated Bank branches
Pay bills conveniently and securely
Withdraw cash at ATMs around the world
Share and transfer funds with a companion card
Check balances and alerts on your phone
24/7 Customer Service
FDIC Insured

My card was stolen but I wasn’t liable for any charges I didn’t make.

Your Money. Your Way.

The Amalgamated Bank MoneyCard. Faster. Easier. Smarter. It’s Your Money.

The Monthly Savings Add Up
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Then easily move money from your card to their card with a Card-To-Card Transfer. Your companion card can be used at ATM’s, online, or at stores worldwide, anywhere MasterCard ® is accepted.

Whatever your reason, you’ll enjoy:

The flexibility to send money instantly to your Companion Card
An affordable way to transfer money. Much cheaper than wiring
The convenience of completing a transfer online

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