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Established in 1923 by the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America, Amalgamated Bank is the largest union-owned bank in the United States.
Our Public Finance goal is to build upon the Bank’s history of being the bank for working families and local communities. To that end, one of our key public finance strategies is to partner with local municipal entities which may have limited financing options, including distressed municipalities or smaller issuers.  We also work with non-rated, below investment-grade, and investment grade municipalities, school districts, and public sector issuers in most public finance sectors.


Public Finance Lending and Financing Products
We offer cash flow financing such as TANs, RANs, and BANs as well as lines of credit, bridge loans, and term financing.  For investment-grade issuers, we also provide “direct purchase” loans for variable rate bonds, commercial paper, and fixed rate bonds.   

Partnering with Municipalities Faced with Limited Financing Options

Consistent with Amalgamated’s history of being the bank for working families and local communities, our public finance area has a unique emphasis on lending to municipal entities with limited financing options, including distressed municipalities or smaller and non-rated issuers.

For smaller issuers or those issuers with limited market access, we are looking to improve the issuer’s banking and financing options while building a partnership. 

In the distressed municipal space, our strategy is to offer financing solutions to a municipality so that it can continue to provide services to the community while its leaders work through a recovery plan. Our view is that reducing a municipality’s immediate liquidity stress is an important step in potentially improving outcomes for key stakeholders such as local residents, municipal workers, and the community itself.

For those municipalities facing serious liquidity and cash flow issues, we offer short-term financing in order to provide breathing space for the municipality so that it can continue to assess all of its options and avoid making decisions under duress.  In addition to cash flow financing, we will also consider creative financing such as collateralized lending, term financing, and deficit financing if these are properly authorized and are part of a comprehensive recovery plan.

Lending to Investment-Grade and Non-Rated Public Finance Issuers

In the investment-grade and non-rated areas, the Bank will work with various public finance issuers, both large and small, including local governments, airports and public utilities, in addition to tax-supported issuers, transportation issuers, higher education issuers and non-profits including healthcare entities. 

For more information, please contact Robert O'Brien, Senior Vice President, Public Finance at (212)895-4911 or email him at RobertO'

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