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Data Backup

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Amalgamated Bank has teamed up with Newtek, "The Small Business Authority," to provide your business with a complete menu of data backup, storage, protection and recovery solutions including:

  • Newtek Data Storage Desktop
    Designed for small and medium-sized businesses protecting personal computers and laptops by securely backing up your data to state-of-the-art servers.
  • Newtek Data Storage Project
    Data is backed up directly to sophisticated, off-site Tier 1 Data Centers. There is a monthly charge for the amount of compressed data only – usually substantially less than the amount of raw data you currently have.

Key Benefits

  • Custom Solutions
    Newtek has numerous custom solutions that can help you protect your data – regardless of how little or how much you have.
  • Turn-Key
    Most of Newtek's solutions require no hardware or software purchase and no significant capital outlay.
  • No IT Staff Required At Your Site
    Simple is better. Let Newtek do the work. If you have existing IT personnel, Newtek will work with them to provide solutions that suit your needs.

Protecting your important data is a must. Is your data really secure in case of fire, theft, flood or disaster? It can be, easily and at modest cost!








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