Educational Events

We offer a wide variety of free financial education classes focusing on basic banking, debt reduction, understanding credit, savings and investments. Most of the classes are offered in our branches along with various government agencies and strategic non-profit partners in the community. Amalgamated Bank also conducts educational programs on home foreclosure prevention and resources for first time homebuyers to successfully achieve home-ownership.

Topics include:

  • Psychology of Money / Behavioral Finance
  • Goal Setting
  • Spending Plans
  • Basic Banking
  • Debt reduction
  • Credit Cards
  • Credit Reports and Credit Scores
  • Avoiding Bankruptcy
  • Identity Theft / Scams
  • Investments, Insurance, and Retirement Planning
  • Earned Income Tax Credits
  • Home Ownership 101
  • Home-buying Process
  • Managing Homeownership
  • Foreclosure Prevention

Please contact your local branch for more information about upcoming financial education classes.