Some thoughts on current events

January 29, 2017


To all the members of the Amalgamated family:

Like many of you, I was deeply moved by the events of this weekend.

Our bank was founded by immigrant workers, many of whom fled the ravages of a war-torn Europe. Our founders and early customers were not unlike the thousands and thousands of Syrian families who have had their lives destroyed and other immigrant populations looking for a better life.

For 94 years, one goal of Amalgamated Bank has been to make life a little better for those immigrants when they arrived on our shores.

Today, many of our employees, customers, family members and friends hail from diverse communities from all over the globe and have rightfully grown uneasy regarding their status in this country and their ability to visit loved ones who remain overseas. We want you to know that you have an ally.

I want to assure you that the Amalgamated Bank will remain a workplace that values diversity and inclusivity, and a place of business that welcomes all people regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation or ethnic background, or immigration status.

That is who we have always been and that is who we will always be.

Keith Mestrich

President & CEO