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Banking opportunities for all

Since 1923, we’ve been providing affordable and accessible banking services to working families and local communities.

Advocates for social justice

Amalgamated Bank has advocated on behalf of progressive values and working people for nearly a century.


Checking Accounts

With our no minimum balance checking accounts, enjoy the value and convenience of everyday banking. We offer different checking accounts to best fit your needs.

Savings Accounts

Put your money in a position to grow. Choose from a variety of ways to save for the short- and long-term.

Savings TipHaving a financial plan can double your savings

Money in savings accounts earns interest. Additionally, when you earn compound interest, you earn interest on both the money that you put into the account and the interest that your money has earned - your interest is earning interest. To see how long it will take for your money to double at a particular interest rate, take the number 72 and divide it by the interest rate.



Get more home for your money. We’ll work with you through the application process and answer any questions you may have.


Take advantage of low rates today. Our refinance loans offer flexible repayment terms and applying is easy.

"Amalgamated is different than other banks. They truly care about doing what's right for working people."

—Mathurin family
    Customers since 1987


Amalgamated Investment Services

Keep your financial future on track. We’ll help you select investments with objectives that reflect your financial goals. We offer helpful assistance and flexible investment options. Our Investment Services representatives have the experience and knowledge to help you build an investment plan designed to meet your future goals and fit your present budget.