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Aria 100% Fossil Free Portfolio

Combine sustainable values with your investment needs

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We understand that you want a cleaner, greener future and believe in supporting companies that aren't harmful to the environment. Green investments make it possible.

When you invest in the Aria portfolio series, you'll be supporting environmentally responsible companies that have a positive impact on people and the planet. By participating in fossil fuel divestment, your investments won’t fund assets that are reliant on fossil fuels like coal and gas - so you can help reduce climate change and engage in a responsible sustainable and impactful way to invest.

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100% Fossil Fuel Free

No investments in any company or utility that explores for, extracts, produces or refines coal, oil or gas.

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Support environmentally responsible companies

Reward the companies that do good for the planet with your investment dollars.

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Make a positive impact on people & the planet

Know that your investments aren't harming the planet or your fellow human beings.

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Earn a return on your investment

An investment vehicle that not only does good, but pays dividends.

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Amalgamated Bank
Director of Consumer Investments
Financial Advisor, Infinex Investments, Inc.

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impact investing

We’re told from the moment we start working that the responsible thing to do is to set money aside and “plan for your future.” For many people, this means making regular contributions into an IRA or employee-sponsored 401(k) plan. These investments, if managed appropriately, are designed to be your “nest egg” into retirement and beyond.

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impact investing

The tensions surrounding recent actions taken by North Korea have reignited the conversation around nuclear weapons and warfare.