Our Loan Officers

Photo of Kate Aldinger

Kate Aldinger

Vice President, Residential Lending
NMLS #58011

Kate understands that a home is a client’s most important luxury. She appreciates that each client brings a unique set of circumstances and specializes in listening to a client’s goals and objectives and finding the best customized mortgage solution.

Evangelos Aposporis headshot

Evangelos Aposporis

Vice President, Residential Lending
NMLS # 1308785

Evangelos has over 20 years experience in mortgages and finance. He specializes in excellent customer service, listening to his clients' needs and objectives and customizing every mortgage. He also holds an MBA from St. John's University in New York.

Photo of Susan Blackmore

Susan Blackmore

Vice President, Residential Lending
NMLS # 280989

Susan is an experienced mortgage banker with a background in underwriting, sales and sales management. With over 30 years in the mortgage industry she takes pride in providing the best possible experience for customers.

Photo of Ginny Chin

Ginny Chin

Vice President, Residential Lending
NMLS #17892

Integrity is the cornerstone of Ginny's mortgage loan practice. She believes that every mortgage is an opportunity to build a relationship & helping customers achieve their home financing goals is much more than just a transaction.

Dan Heyburn headshot

Dan Heyburn

Vice President, Residential Lending
NMLS # 206842

Dan Heyburn has helped many people achieve their goal of homeownership. With over 30 years of mortgage banking experience Dan is known for his exceptional industry knowledge, integrity, and excellent communication skills. 

Photo of Stephen Jaser

Stephen Jaser

Vice President, Residential Lending
NMLS #77075

Throughout his 20 years of experience as a Licensed Loan Originator, Stephen Jaser has developed an expert knowledge of the mortgage industry which he uses to help turn his clients’ homeownership dreams into realities.

Photo of Terry Kitson

Terry Kitson

Vice President, Residential Lending
NMLS #1571089

Terry is a licensed Loan Officer possessing a strong financial and customer service background with 20+ years of experience in institutional asset management.

Photo of Mitzi Lopez

Mitzi Lopez

Vice President, Residential Lending
NMLS # 1803457

Mitzi is a passionate and professional mortgage banker who has a background in mathematics, and entrepreneurship. Her mission is to help her clients reach their optimal level of financial success through homeownership.

Photo of Joseph Moskovic

Joseph Moskovic

Vice President, Residential Lending
NMLS #58863

Joseph boasts 30+ years of experience in the mortgage industry and is active with all of the mid-Hudson boards of realtors, builder associations and chambers of commerce.

Photo of Eric Ruskiewicz

Eric Ruskiewicz

Vice President, Residential Lending
NMLS #804558

With nearly 20 years of banking and mortgage experience mostly in the NYC area, Eric Ruskiewicz gets the local market and understands the varied needs of homebuyers.

Photo of Michael Schwandt

Michael Schwandt

Vice President, Residential Lending
NMLS #453628

Michael has been a mortgage industry professional for 14 years. He understands that families’ and individuals’ needs & objectives change over time, and he is proud to be able to offer products that meet those ever-changing priorities.