Investment and Retirement Products

A wide variety of investment and retirement services are available, including:

Mutual funds

Mutual funds give you potential for long-term growth, professional money management, and diversification opportunities for your investment dollars. Your investment representative will provide access to some of the industry's most recognized mutual funds.


Sometimes described as life insurance for the living, an annuity is an investment you make, either in a lump sum or in payments, that then gives you regular disbursements over a period of time.

Various annuities are available, including:

  • Tax Sheltered Annuities: a tax qualified plan offered to employees of non-profit organizations and employees of public school systems.
  • Variable Annuity: this tax-deferred annuity allows you to take advantage of competitive interest rates through market exposure
  • Fixed Annuity: this tax-deferred annuity allows you to safely take advantage of competitive fixed interest rates


Provide financial protection for your family or business. Choose between term, whole life, wealth transfer, and long-term care insurance.

Retirement plans (retirement income planning)

Choose from a variety of IRAs - Simple, ROTH, Traditional, rollovers, transfers and SEP (Simplified Employee Pension Plans).


You have the option to place stocks, bond and treasury bill orders. All domestic stock exchange orders are available to clients. Employee stock options can be processed.

Money Market instruments

Money Market Funds invest in short-term instruments like Treasury Bills or Certificates of Deposits and are considered low-risk and useful for short-term investing. These are flexible and you can draw checks straight from your account.


Choose from a broad range of bonds to meet your income needs, including Treasuries, Federal Agencies, corporate, municipal, and mortgage backed.

College savings plans

Start saving to pay tuition, fees, room and board, books and required supplies at accredited colleges, universities and vocational schools across the country.

Arrange for a confidential financial review

Simply call an investment representative at 917-608-9242 or ask a banking professional at your local branch to set up an appointment for you with a licensed investment representative.

See Investment Planning tips

Learn more and check the background of our firm and investment professionals at FINRA's BrokerCheck.

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