Mission & Values

Our mission is to be the preeminent bank of progressive people, organizations, businesses and labor. We will deliver uncompromising customer attention, provide accessibility to all people and serve as an advocate for workers and the people and organizations that support them.

Five Principles of Responsible Banking

As the country’s leading progressive bank, we are proud to abide by our Five Principles of Responsible Banking. These principles expound our core beliefs: advocating true financial opportunity for all, supporting sensible regulation that engenders consumer confidence, and welcoming corporate standards for accountability and transparency. Click here to see our Five Principles.

Our Tenets

In order for us to carry out our mission, we draw upon the following tenets to guide our everyday work:


  • Timely, honest and transparent customer communications
  • Products and solutions based on customers' needs
  • We take the time to build and honor relationships
  • We provide our customers with access to live people who are accountable and have the ability to resolve issues


  • Banking opportunities for all
  • Safe and secure 24/7 access, the way clients prefer
  • Simple and customer-friendly experience
  • Maximize value to clients


  • Majority union-owned and unionized
  • Leading voice for the unbanked and under-banked
  • Innovator and supporter of a fair banking system
  • Proponent of responsible corporate practices

Our Progressive Values

Amalgamated Bank has advocated on behalf of progressive values and working people for nearly a century. We are the first choice of progressive political campaigns and advocacy organizations, promoting workers’ rights and corporate responsibility through shareholder activism. We support reforms that protect our economy and believe everyone should be able to participate fully in our financial system. That’s why we have focused campaigns around voter outreach and affordable housing and why we have advocated for important issues such as paid sick leave and a higher minimum wage. It’s why the Democratic Party, Hillary for America, and leading campaign committees bank with us, along with more than a thousand labor unions, non-profits, and other institutions.

Accessible and Affordable Banking

  • Nearly a third of our branches are located in NYC’s Banking Development Districts, which the Department of Financial Services has deemed neighborhoods in need of access to banking.
  • We proudly advocate for and serve immigrant populations. We accept IDNYC, New York City's municipal identification card, as a primary source of identification for opening new accounts, and we offer citizenship application fee loans to enable working men and women to borrow the amount needed to apply for U.S. citizenship.
  • We offer banking products that are accessible to all, including free checking with access to over 40,000 surcharge-free ATMs through the Allpoint® network.

Progressive Advocacy

  • We are leaders in shareholder advocacy and have a track record of taking on major corporations to force leaders to do the right thing. We’ve taken on companies including News Corp., Enron, and Wal-Mart through shareholder actions and lawsuits. And many times, we’ve won.
  • We publicly endorsed President Obama in the last presidential election, and we are one of the only banks to have given a loan to a Democratic PAC in that election cycle.
  • The bank has stepped in to help struggling municipalities avoid bankruptcy when other banks refused. In Scranton, PA and in Allen Park, MI, Amalgamated provided loans that helped to stabilize city finances.
  • We continue to work with unions and offer strike loans to help unions afford the option of going on strike.
  • We have publicly endorsed legislation in Washington, D.C. and New York City requiring employers to provide their workers with paid sick days.

Purchasing Policy

Amalgamated Bank has always been dedicated to supporting American workers and the American Labor Movement, and that commitment continues today. At Amalgamated Bank, we strive to purchase only products that have been made by union workers in America. In addition, we aim to hire union contractors for our building and construction projects and to have our outside printing produced by union printers with the union label proudly displayed. We even fly on unionized airlines and stay at unionized hotels. For nearly a century, American workers and their organizations have trusted Amalgamated Bank with their hard-earned money and pension funds, and we endeavor, every day, to continue to earn that trust.

PAC Donations

Amalgamated Bank is proud to have a political action committee (PAC) that supports progressive causes and candidates. It is important that we attempt to influence outcomes that best serve hardworking Americans.