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Black Lives Matter

Amalgamated Bank believes that Black Lives Matter and that the horrendous death of George Floyd is just the latest example of the explicit racism embedded within our country’s entire criminal justice system. We believe the oppression of Black people must end now.

These beliefs are baked into our history as a Bank founded by immigrants to bring economic justice to marginalized communities and support workers as they exercised their rights to free speech. We join the movement calling for justice in the name of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, and the thousands of other Black people killed at the hands of the criminal justice system.

At Amalgamated, we are committed to doing the critical work to dismantle bias in our internal culture, and deploy our financial resources and corporate voice towards building a more just world. The Amalgamated Foundation is working with racial justice organizers to support the needs of movements calling for action.

To our Black employees, customers, and stakeholders, Amalgamated Bank sees you and stands with you in the moment. We are committed to doing our part and leading the way in the name of a more just and equitable tomorrow.