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Please send a written request to the Loan Servicing Department with proof of your correct social security number. Acceptable proof includes a copy of your social security card, passport, or other government issued identification.

Amalgamated Bank (the “Bank”, “we”, “our”, or “us”) understands the importance of privacy, and we respect and take responsibility for protecting personal and financial information.

At Amalgamated Investment Services, we’re dedicated to helping you create a plan for your financial future and for the greater good. Environmental, social and governance (ESG) and sustainability values are a key component of our culture.

We do. We're on a mission to create a more just, compassionate, sustainable planet. For all of us.

Our seasoned Diversified Lending Group provides flexible financing backed up by decades of experience and tailored solutions to meet our clients' needs.

Why Amalgamated? Because we offer a comprehensive suite of products; investment strategies to generate returns and make a difference; personalized service; and a unique understanding of workers' needs (we were founded by a union in 1923).

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